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Sourcing Candidates: 3 Tips to Lure The Next Generation of Global Workers


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The global workforce offers lots of benefits to employers – such as access to a larger talent pool and the option to hire remote workers at competitive prices – but it also poses some serious challenges. It’s time to highlight sourcing candidates in your dictionary.

Millennials are notoriously quick to change jobs. A CareerBuilder survey showed that 45% of employees plan to stay with their employer for less than two years – and due to the added competition, targeting the best staff out there for your team, and then convincing them to stay, can be tough.

Entrepreneurs repeatedly state that talent is their top concern, and that they need ‘a new way’ to make it possible to get their hands on the new global workforce. The way they have been doing it – asking HR to post a job opening to job boards, then sitting and waiting until the right ones come – doesn’t seem to attract the ‘right’ talent.s