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Sourcing From the Inside Out Through Employee Referral Programs


Recruiters and hiring managers receive innumerable resumes each year, spending an average of only a few seconds reviewing each one, and may spend thousands of hours on the phone working to source viable candidates. This is an especially onerous task in high-demand careers where the potential employee pool may be slim. By sourcing from the inside out through employee referral programs, however, recruiters and hiring managers can rely on the networks developed by current employees. Employee referrals are filling more jobs than ever, with up to 72% of hiring managers now looking to internal sources first.. Before incentivizing employees to refer trusted contacts, however, learn how to best leverage your internal referral network to produce consistently great results.

Engagement First

Employee engagement is more than just an HR industry buzzword — it’s a key component of hiring and retaining great employees. For your employees make qualified referrals or recommendations for open positions, they must want to remain a member of your organization. After all, if they are dissatisfied, why would they recommend you as an employer to anyone else?