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Sourcing is the New Recruiting


Over time, our roles evolve and change to fit with the present needs of the companies for which we work. The saying goes, “If you’re not green and growing, then you’re red and rotting.” Keeping up with the constant changes that come with work functions is important to ensure your marketability.

It’s important to understand what these roles really look like today, and figure out where your best fit is going to be. Especially if you’re calling yourself a Sourcer these days.

My sourcing evolution

Sourcing is no stranger to adaptation – and neither am I. Over the last eleven years, my own roles have evolved to keep up with the times. I started as an Internet Researcher – mining resume databases as well as my ATS to find prospects and candidates whose keywords and buzzwords matched up with what my companies’ clients needed. I tossed those resumes over to my recruiting counterparts, untouched, for them to make initial cold-calls and, basically, recruit them. After all, that’s what recruiters are supposed to do, right?



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