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Why you Should Spend More Time Thinking About Recruitment Software


You need to take recruitment software seriously in 2017. That’s if you’re serious about attracting the best talent to your organisation. If technology isn’t a priority for your business already, start thinking about it now. Here’s why:-

It identifies qualified candidates quickly

The annual January job seeker surge is coming to an Inbox near you just about now.  Gumtree is the latest site to report of a surge of job applications, with searches for jobs in skilled trades recording the biggest rises. Admin jobs, office managers and accounting also saw a spike. CV Library reported a similar boost in applicant numbers across a number of sectors. The only way to effectively screen high volumes of candidates and ensure you don’t miss that ‘perfect fit’ for your vacancy is by supporting your hiring process with recruitment software. Setting your specific company wide and job criteria saves time and ensures you see the CVs of qualified candidates quickly.