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Standing Out for the Right Reasons: Teacher Training Interview Tips


While the interview process can be rather stressful, there are many techniques and tactics you can make use of to ensure you stand out. With education being a competitive sector, our job here at Affinity Education is to ensure our candidates are provided with the tools and techniques to promote their potential to possible employers. Though offering our support throughout the application, screening and reference checks process, below are a few tips that could help you at the interview stage.

Dress to impress

Even though your experience and ability to fill the role will be the focus of the day, it goes without saying that you need to look the part for your interview.  However, this does not mean you have to be dressed boring! For many, clothing is a form of expression. So, if you are a happy extrovert that loves bright colours, don’t be afraid to stay true to your own nature. All we would say is steer clear of trainers, tracksuits and anything that may suggest you are not taking the interview seriously.

Ask questions

A simple question and answer session can be rather tedious, with successful interviews being engaging, informative and in many ways; exciting! Where the interviewer will ask some generic interview questions, it’s important for you to keep the conversation alive. At the interview, it is a good idea to ask questions, getting to grips with the school, its culture and ways in which you could potentially fit in. By doing so you will be showing your proactive nature, illustrating how serious you are about the post.

Celebrate relevant experience

While modesty is a trait that many admire, when it comes to your job interview, feel free to blow your own trumpet. Many choose to bring a copy of their CV as well as their portfolio of work, sharing items such a lesson plans, certificates and references to validate their suitability for a role.

Be yourself

Remember, personality is so important, especially in the education sector. With teachers needing to engage and excite through teaching, big personalities should never be suppressed. Beng yourself has various benefits; including:

  • Allowing your interviewer to warm to you
  • Your interviewer will gain an idea of how you can fit in with the team.
  • You will avoid looking over-prepared

Put yourself in the employer’s shoes

Just remember, when going for an interview, your employee will be thinking of ways in which you can support their establishment. You, on the other hand, will be thinking about salaries and climbing the ladder. It is however essential that you are on the same page. Before heading into the interview, have a little think about what it is they will be looking for, preparing some questions and answers that allow you to stand out as the right candidate.

If you are looking for a new teaching job in South Wales, be sure to contact us at Affinity Education today. Made up of a team of highly experienced recruitment agents, we can support you throughout the recruitment process.