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Startup Recruiting: 5 Tips Every Recruiter Should Know


Recruiting for a startup is drastically different from working in-house at a large tech company. If you are a versatile recruiter who is dedicated to the profession and ongoing learning, best practice recruiting fundamentals are pretty similar wherever you go. The variable that is so drastically different is pretty obvious: culture. Startups definitely have a sparkly, sexy appeal in that they are coming out with new, innovative products, but make no mistake, it is not glamorous and is a lot of work. I recently wrote a post titled The Startup DNA: Is it in you? that I consider this to be a follow-up post to. The basic summary of the previous post: startup life isn’t for everyone and is really something you have to want because it is what you are passionate about and personally motivated by.

If you are a Recruiter working at a high-growth startup (or considering making the move), here are a few things that you should keep in order to be successful…



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