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Survey Reveals Recruiters Investing More in Back Office Solutions, But Specialist Urges Caution on Single Application Options


Agencies are increasingly turning to back office automation and outsourcing to free up their sales activity, according to a joint survey carried out by Engage Technology Partners and the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo).

The survey of recruiters and agency owners revealed that increasing capacity of the sales and management team is the biggest driver of outsourcing investment, with 38% of respondents stating that they outsource to either protect time spent on sales or reduce the administration burden on management teams.

The survey also revealed that online timesheets and contractor payroll processing were the most important features of an outsourced solution. However, the recruitment software provider has urged firms to be wary of single application features in the quest for quick solutions.

Ben Wardleworth, Business Development Director at Engage Technology Partners explains:

“In the past few years we’ve undoubtedly seen an uptick in back office outsourcing across the recruitment space as tech innovation and automation make efficiency and consistency easier to implement. As this increase in demand continues, we’ve also seen a rise in agencies seeking to white label solutions. While much of this has been driven by the need to free up resources internally, the fact that the right solutions will also improve transparency and ensure the candidate experience is top notch is an added bonus.”

“However, as we see more platforms emerge to meet this demand it’s crucial that agencies ensure everything is mapped out in terms of their business requirements and the specific benefits of a solution. Seeking independent and expert advice to do so is strongly recommended. The market is heavily dominated by single application features that don’t necessarily provide the comprehensive support that most firms are seeking. Indeed, the fact that our survey also showed that a lack of trust is leading some firms to keep things in-house demonstrates that the while the market might arguably be saturated, there’s still room for improvement.”