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Survey Reveals What Office Technology Workers Want and How it Affects HR


Hire Intelligence’s recent survey discusses the least popular pieces of office equipment and how employees really feel about company spending.

After surveying 2000 workers, the survey reveals some key ingredients to better employee productivity.

It often feels like there is more technology than ever to deal with in the course of our working lives. Contemporary offices are a forest of technology, with mobile phones, laptops, desktops, printers, scanners, screens and tablets all supposedly being utilised to make our lives easier. But, what do we actually need to get the job done? Hire Intelligence have conducted an in-depth survey into the tech office workers actually want, what they actually use and whether it is fit for purpose.

The survey covers 4 key areas of concern: technology, flexibility, productivity and motivation. From unused tech and company overspend to laptop-lifestyles and in-demand upskilling opportunities, all bases are covered when it comes to the workforce of today and what they’re looking for.

Some key findings include:

  • Only 43% of office workers think that their computers are fit for purpose.
  • 38% said that an office laptop would significantly improve their working life; followed by wireless charging points and tablets.
  • 48% of office workers thought their company should spend extra revenue on improving office technology.

Throughout the survey, there were some surprising discoveries. One might not think that combined printer/scanner/copiers were quite so desirable, or that office music is actually more a hindrance than a help. Furthermore, after better financial remuneration, technology and training were the most popular areas for extra spending – suggesting that career development, great equipment and flexibility with their tech are more important to office workers than leisure activities, sustainability or childcare packages.

Speaking about the survey, Hire Intelligence General Manager, Mark Bates said that

“this survey has thrown up some interesting considerations for business owners. It would appear that employees are incredibly tech-savvy, but aren’t being asked what is it they actually require. Business owners and managers may find this survey useful when it comes to employee satisfaction, cutting costs and managing overspend.”.


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