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Survey: Top Social Networks Used to Attract & Engage Candidates


According to the latest survey findings from The IT Job Board, the overwhelming majority of recruiters now use social and professional media sites to help source candidates for tech related job opportunities – 92 of the 105 recruiters questioned saying that they do.

And apparently with good reason: in a separate survey by The IT Job Board of 856 tech professionals, 74% said they that they currently use social sites to look for new jobs, with even more (84%) claiming they would be receptive to being approached by recruiters or companies via social or professional networks with work related opportunities.

Not all tech professionals, though, were happy with how this use of social networks is evolving. Over a quarter stated that they do not use social networks to look for jobs, instead preferring to use other methods to find relevant posts. And 16% specifically said they do not approve of recruiters or companies contacting them via social sites. Chief amongst their concerns were issues of privacy, spam and relevance of opportunities being presented.

Given the frequency some tech professionals are now being contacted by recruiters via social sites, the frustrations of some are understandable. According to The IT Job Board survey, nearly a quarter (23%) claim they are now being contacted once a week or more, with a further 26% saying they are being approached once a month. Only a fifth said they have never been contacted by a recruiter via a social network site – the remainder estimate they are being contacted either once a quarter or once every six months by recruiters via social platforms.

Indeed, across all the tech professionals participating in the survey, there was broad agreement on the two areas where recruiters/companies could most improve when approaching potential candidates via social sites: “Target me with jobs that are relevant”, and “Research me more to really understand my employment background and skills”.

Alex Farrell, Managing Director of The IT Job Board, commented:

“The near universal adoption of social networks in the last decade has been nothing short of exceptional with recruiters being amongst the first to leverage this channel. However, it is evident from our research that recruitment professionals now need to up their game – particularly if negative perceptions amongst candidates are to be avoided as a result of their online social and professional network activity.”

The survey also revealed that whilst the majority of tech professionals are open to being approached via social channels with job opportunities, less than a third (31%) regularly update their social or professional profiles. And of those that do, just under half (49%) only do so only when looking for a job.

Alex Farrell added,

“There is a piece in the social media jigsaw that also requires users of social and professional sites to ensure that their digital footprint accurately reflects their competencies and profile on an ongoing basis. Too often, people only think about updating their profiles when they have reached a career cross-road or dead-end and not before.”

The online survey of 856 tech professionals and 105 recruiters took place late summer 2014.