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Making the move from a paper based or manual recruitment system to one supported by technology in the shape of an ATS (applicant tracking system) is a daunting prospect for some businesses.

With our 10 week Recruit Masterclass it doesn’t have to be!

From initial hire to high flyer, our article series offers top tips and best-in-class industry advice on how to automate and create a hiring process designed to attract, recruit and retain talent.

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Kallidus software suite:

Recruit top talent, modernise learning and create a culture of transparent feedback and employee development from initial hire to high flyer.

What they offer

Whether you need a rich applicant tracking system (ATS) to recruit new talent, a modern LMS with award-winning content to engage learners, a performance management system to transform appraisals, 360 feedback to create a culture of continuous improvement or succession planning to identify internal talent, each product has been thoroughly user tested and designed to support every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Their software has the flexibility to be bought stand-alone or bundled together to help you achieve your HR and development goals at a pace that suits you.


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