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Talent Acquisition: 8 Steps to Retain your New Hires


Are your new hires at risk? According to the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) one third of new employees plan to leave their job within twelve months and one in five are already actively looking for their next career move. Here’s our advice to prevent your new hires from making an early exit:-

Don’t oversell: An anxious hiring manager may oversell company culture or job prospects to convince a top performer to accept a job offer. Don’t. A CIPD report revealed that one third of employees found that career progression doesn’t meet their original expectations and is often blocked by line managers, a toxic working environment and poor training. Be realistic about what it’s like to work for your company to prevent the impact of a bad hire on your budget and employee morale.

Analyse job acceptance time: Research from CV Library highlights an emerging ‘job hoarding’ trend among qualified candidates. The survey suggests that nearly two thirds will accept an offer and continue their job search. A delayed acceptance or an attempt to renegotiate your terms may indicate that your candidate has other job offers to consider. Analyse your recruitment metrics to identify new hires who delayed their final acceptance and monitor them closely as potential ‘flight risk’.