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Talent Acquisition: It’s Not as Difficult as you Think


If the constant barrage of ‘skills shortage’ headlines is to be believed, attracting talent is a challenge many employers face. It doesn’t have to be that difficult. Here are six tips to make your talent acquisition easier:-

Pay appropriate benefits : According to a survey from Glassdoor, the UK is the most ‘frugal’ in terms of paying employee benefits, ranking just 11th out of 14 European countries on issues such as annual leave, sick pay and unemployment benefits. If your recruitment metrics reveal that acceptance of your job offer is a problem in your hiring process, your employee benefits may be the issue. Around a third of workers would prefer the option of working flexibly to a pay rise. What’s important to your people?

Embrace your older workers : Workers over 50 are constantly being overlooked by employers who point them towards retirement rather than career development, yet they offer a wealth of untapped skills and experience. A new report also found that Generation X (aged between 34-54) have the strongest work ethic. As growing numbers of people work beyond retirement age, it’s time for HR to consider how to utilise the skills of all of its employees.