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Is your Talent Acquisition in La La Land?


The most talked about event lately was the mix-up over the Oscar for Best Picture when La La Land momentarily eclipsed Moonlight. Could your talent acquisition strategy be at risk of a similar La La Land moment? Here are the signs it might be:-

You don’t move with the times: With the growing influence of the gig economy, employee loyalty is no longer a given. A recent Glassdoor survey featured in the Financial Times highlighted the importance of an employer’s values aligning with the employee’s own. If your recruitment process is still based on the same strategies you relied on five years ago, you’re at risk of a La La Land moment.

You ignore your existing talent : Career development opportunities were ranked highly in Glassdoor’s survey but the temptation for HR is to look outside their business to fill existing skills gaps. Promoting employees sends out an encouraging message, boosting engagement and retention levels. This comes with a caveat, however. A recent article in Harvard Business Review suggests that more than 40% of employees on leadership development programmes might not belong there. Getting the balance right is impossible without technology.