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Talent Communities: Do recruiters get it?


Let’s start off with first identifying exactly what a talent community is not. There is skepticism around the concept because I feel that a lot of recruiters still don’t actually get it.

A talent community, although it has similar benefits, is not an ATS (Applicant Tracking System). An ATS is a software application that people use to electronically handle recruiting with the candidates who are part of the job seeking process. It can be quite a structured – a type of one-way software, designed for recruitment tracking purposes.

However a talent community, of course lies in the realm of social recruiting, therefore making it not just a two-way system of recruiting but a multiple-way method of recruiting.

Essentially it’s an online or offline community, built on the idea that everyone who is part of it is there to give something and/or get something out of it, and this moves well beyond LinkedIn groups and other career networking sites.