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TALiNT Partners Reveals Results from the UK’s First Recruitment Agency Benchmark


TALiNT Partners has released its first Agency Benchmark Report at its 2019 World Leaders in Recruitment summit. The report has been compiled from a wide-ranging survey of medium and large agencies – including some of the industry’s best-known businesses. It gives a fascinating insight into the main challenges faced by recruitment CEOs to ensure their businesses remain competitive and relevant for their clients.

This forms part of TALiNT Partners’ wider benchmarking programme, which includes the largest benchmarking study for employers’ direct talent acquisition activities.

Ken Brotherston, Managing Director of TALiNT Partners, commented,

“Whilst it is no surprise that agencies rate themselves highly at delivering a great candidate experience, it was also encouraging to see their commitment to delivering excellent compliance processes as supply chains become increasingly complex.

“However, the most fascinating issue revealed by the Agency Benchmark is in its comparison with our Employer Benchmark, where their key issues are creating a great Employer Brand and improving Diversity and Inclusion. This raises the question of whether agencies are in danger of not meeting the most important needs of employers, or that their clients trust agencies to focus on candidate experience and process compliance – freeing them up to focus on other areas.”

Whilst all of the Benchmark responses are confidential, the report was produced with the support of Access Group. Jason Martin, Head of Strategy at Access Group, commented,

“The report demonstrates very clearly the challenges agency owners face in assessing and deploying the wide array of new technology available to them. This is compounded by the challenge of developing the optimum suite of business analytics to support effective decision making. It is also interesting to see the comparison between medium-sized and large agencies and the clear correlation between strong business processes and better results.”

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