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Tap Into Essential Hiring Trends with Recruitment Software


Keeping up with the latest hiring trends and best practice in a changing jobs market can be a challenge for overwhelmed HR departments. Recruitment software can help you to stay ahead of the competition. Here’s how:-

Timing of your job posts : New data indicates that candidates are more likely to apply for vacancies early in the month and preferably on a Monday or Tuesday. The research suggests that the number of applicants per vacancy is 44% higher on those days than on a Friday and four times higher than Saturdays. Jobsite previously recommended 11am on a weekday as the ideal time to attract more candidates. Research is helpful but the key is to attract quality over quantity. Recruitment analytics provided by your HR software will offer specifics on the best time (and where) to post your vacancies to attract the most qualified candidates.

Incorporating background checks : A further survey this week confirmed concerns over the rise in accurate or misleading information contained in applicant CVs. Research from Axelos, a joint venture between the government and Capita, found that that in the past three years nearly 100,000 applicants have lied about qualifications. Hiring an unqualified employee carries significant risks for a company’s reputation.