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Is ‘Tattoo Bias’ Sabotaging Your Hiring Process


Unconscious, or in some cases direct, bias in hiring is affecting the ability of employers to find people with the skills needed to achieve business goals. Conciliation service ACAS has this week revealed a negative attitude among employers to candidates with tattoos which is affecting recruitment decisions.

Nearly one in three people between the ages of 29 to 44 have tattoos. It is probably that will include some of the most highly skilled people in your talent pool.

Company culture and the impact on customers is a factor for employers in making their final candidate selection, but ACAS has urged companies to reconsider their stance.

Appearance is not the only bias affecting hiring. Recruitment in the banking sector, for example, filters job applicants based on their education or parents’ income, with selection processes which carry out a variety of assessments which include ‘behaviour and dress’.