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Technical Change: 5 Reasons Why Recruitment Videos Matter


I recently attended Enhance Media’s 12th Annual Online Recruitment Conference here in London, and there were some great presentations and insights leaving me with a lot to think about. One of the presentations that really stood out for me was one from the Strategic Sales Director at Google, Alex Lowe.

Amongst many mind-blowing stats about the future of technology and recruiting, Alex spent a lot of time talking about the predominance of YouTube videos worldwide. At last count, YouTube attractsmore than 1 billion unique users each month. In other words, it’s highly likely that the candidates you’re trying to attract are spending a good chunk of their time looking at videos.

To me this was very interesting, we’ve only recently started experimenting with our own recruitment video here at Stack Exchange as a way to attract new candidates to join our growing company.

A candidate’s resume can’t possibly reveal whether they will be a cultural fit at your company or whether they will ultimately thrive in the job. These are details you can only assess in person at the office or after interacting with members of that team. In the same way that actions speak longer than words, videos can do a better job than text at showing candidates what it’s actually like to work for your company.