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How to Tell if your Employer Brand is Suffering


This post was submitted by Zoho Recruit

As businesses, we all share a common understanding that ‘the customer is always right’, putting those that financially support our company at the centre of all business practice, including marketing. However, of late many businesses have been missing a trick, not working on their ’employer brand’.

An employer brand is a term used to describe the reputation of a company as an employer. This usually hones in on career prospects and working culture as opposed to the more general corporate branding reputation geared at the wider target market.

With there being an inherent lack of focus being put on this area, we at Zoho are eager to support businesses in sourcing the right talent to take their business forward. If you are worried whether your employer brand is suffering, allow our top indicators to help.

“Why do you want to work for our company?”

As one of the most commonly-asked interview questions “Why do you want to work for our company?” should give you all the answers you need about the success of your employer brand. If a candidate cannot draw on any research found on company news, then your PR strategy is well and truly in need of a revamp. If you are looking after your employees, the internet should be filled with high-ranking stories that employees are sharing, giving candidates the background they need to press that ‘apply’ button.

Retention rates

How well you treat your employees has a huge impact on the success of your employer brand, with your staff retention rate being a huge signifier of such efforts. If your staff attrition rate is high, it may be worth considering the following:

  • Celebrate individual success stories such as promotions or charity work
  • Optimise new employer experience through high level training
  • Build a brand based on internal communications
  • Ensure your business is speaking to individual career goals

Not attracting the right talent?

If your job adverts are not attracting the right talent, it may be worth optimising the candidate experience. This can be achieved through celebrating the company culture through job descriptions. For example, if you are an exciting start-up looking for fresh talent, be sure to prevail that through the tone of the advert. Alternately, if you are looking for a candidate further up the corporate ladder, focusing on family-friendly aspects of the business can position your employer brand amongst the right candidates.