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Temps in the City Aims to Bring the Thousands of Temporary Jobs Available to London


There’s a new kid on the block for London’s thriving job market.

Temps in the City aims to bring the thousands of temporary jobs available in the capital to a new level – providing a new way of working for those who crave flexibility.

And the brains behind this new way of working says it could “revolutionise” the way people and employers do business.

Mum-of-two, Emeca Beckford, came up with the idea of Temps in the City after becoming frustrated with juggling work commitments and family life. The 36-year-old wanted to create a job site that allows job-seekers to enjoy the perfect work/life balance.

Temps in the City will be advertising jobs in the hospitality, IT and general customer service industry, and aims to match CV’s uploaded to its multi-functional website which launched this month.

Jamaican-born Emeca, who migrated to the UK in 2000, has years of experience in the hospitality and customer service industry with Project Manager qualification and latterly a Commercial Property Manager across London, building up a reputation for excellent customer service and innovative ideas within the workplace.

She said:

“I know the struggles people have with finding the right job for them and having worked in London, I know how the job market has changed.

“Some people want flexibility and some just require that little extra income – which is exactly why I hope Temps in the City can be successful.  The job board is full of positions to help those who wish to work in the industry.

“The benefit of being a temp means you can gain experience, improve interpersonal skills, create a flexible work pattern, and most importantly for those dipping their toes into the job market, get head-hunted.”

As well as advertising jobs, Temps in the City is aiming to be the go-to job board for all temporary jobs across London. Attractive advertising deals have been set up to cover all temp jobs and employers will be given a tailor-made service to suit their needs.

“Customer service is vital to Temps’ success,” adds Emeca. “The job market is constantly evolving and different employers demand different ways of searching for the right candidate. While on the other hand, potential employees want to see where that temp job could take them.

“With Temps in the City, I want to revolutionize the way the job market is seen.”

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