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The 6 Deadliest Networking Mistakes a Recruiter Can Make


We spend far too much time these days trying to build followers and connections on our social networks, that we neglect to nurture our social networks. Huh?!

When we talk about “social networks” these days, it’s very easy to immediately jump in and start thinking about the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. But we’re really missing an opportunity if everything we’re doing to build our social networks is an online process. Social networking is as much about getting out and meeting people face to face, as it is to message/tweet/Facebook them from the comfort of our desks. And networking events are the perfect place to get out and meet face to face.

However, our preference for online networking has meant that many of us have developed unfortunate real-life networking behaviours that can actually inhibit us from building real relationships with new contacts. But the good news is, many of these bad behaviours are easily recognisable and not that hard to set right.