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The Benefits of Mentoring in the Hospitality Industry


The benefits of mentoring are widespread, especially when it comes to the world of hospitality. With the industry being all about delivering a faultless service to customers and employers, hospitality workers will go to great lengths to ensure they are excelling in their career. This is one thing mentoring can achieve. While technology has had such an impact on the way we build on our career, nothing beats the benefits that can come from a good old-fashioned chat with a Mentor.

Advantages to being mentored

When placing your first foot on the career ladder, you will need as much help and support as possible. And; nothing is more beneficial than learning from the past experiences, successes and failures of experienced hospitality figures. So, if you are considering recruiting a mentor to support you in achieving your goals, below are a few reasons why you definitely should!

It costs nothing but time – Many forms of training cost big money. However, being mentored is usually free, requiring nothing but time.

Learn from a Mentor’s mistakes – When thinking of where you want to be professionally, your mind will be filled with images of healthy bank balances and a wonderful work-life balance. Well, in reality, this may not be the case, with great highs often paired with great lows. By getting a real insight into what your Mentor has experienced, you can learn from their mistakes, ensuring you stay focused, on track and make the most from the opportunities you are presented with.

Make use of their pool of contacts – When entering the hospitality industry, the more friends you have, the better. While job boards and recruitment sites will help you find the best jobs for you, having people ‘in the know’ can never hurt. When selecting your Mentor, think about their pool of contacts, people that you could benefit from knowing and what impact their network could potentially have on your career.

Advantages for Mentors

It’s easy to see the benefits of mentoring from the Mentee’s point of view, but, did you know that being a Mentor is equally as beneficial? If you are a hospitality professional then below are a few reasons you should be exploring the idea of mentoring.

Reaffirm your worth – Mentors are usually older, more experienced professionals; individuals that have done the rounds and worked their way up the corporate ladder. If you have dedicated your career to this fascinating industry, you will naturally be a fountain of knowledge, having a story or two to share. Usually slowing down when it comes to the day-to-day duties of your role, or taking more of a backseat within a business, as a Mentor, you can use mentoring to reaffirm your worth, filling a gap in your working life.

Stay abreast of the ever-changing industry – Hospitality and technology are two worlds that have collided in recent years. From sophisticated EPOS systems at venues to VR events, new inventions are coming to market on a constant basis. By being a Mentor, you can also ensure your ear is on the ground, staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and keeping your finger on the pulse. Not only will this allow you to develop and grow, but it will also help you become a better Mentor in the future, remaining a relevant, knowledgeable thought leader.

Future-proof the industry – While fresh ideas and new blood only gives way to innovation, learning from the older, wiser hospitality professionals can go a long way in building and maintaining a flourishing industry. After all, you know what works and what doesn’t. Some think of your mentoring work as giving back. Just think, you will have gained a lot (financially) from the industry, is now the time to repay it?

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