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The Big Question – Potential v Qualifications


As youngsters start filling in their UCAS forms and visiting universities across the country, the question we are asking local businesses is: what do you look for in a new member of staff – qualifications or potential?

Steve Matthews, commercial director, Centric Recruitment

Helping employers find the right people for their workplace is how we have been helping hundreds of companies in South Wales and the rest of the UK. Qualifications are important, particularly for certain sector roles such as engineering or teaching, however getting that all important first step on the employment ladder doesn’t necessarily mean having to have a degree. For example, one of our key sectors is the contact centre industry where strong interpersonal skills and an ability to interact and communicate well with potential customers is key – more so than a degree. What employers are often looking for is someone who can demonstrate a diverse CV coupled alongside positive personal attributes such as a people skills and an ability to work well as part of a team. These are just as, if not more important, than qualifications in the work place.