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The Changing Job Search: How to Attract More Candidates to your Vacancies


Job search habits and priorities are changing. Two recent surveys offer new insight into the time of day candidates are most active and what attracts them to vacancies. UK job board, Jobsite this week revealed that the majority of employees are in fact ‘active’ candidates:-

  • Nearly two thirds (64%) of employees will explore a new career opportunity.
  • 41% of those employees browse vacancies every day, with nearly 70% applying for up to five new jobs every week.

How successful is your company in attracting job seekers to your vacancies? The following insights will help to target your talent acquisition efforts more effectively:-

Post your jobs at the right time : According to Jobsite’s analytics the most popular time for job applications is 11am on a weekday. Putting aside the questions that raises about workplace engagement, it helps you to schedule your job posts across social media and your careers site to attract candidates at key times.