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The Fair Labour Alliance Launches To Protect Workers Around The World


The Fair Labour Alliance is a new initiative that serves to drive ethical recruitment and fair labour practices to benefit business leaders, workers, and the global economy. The FLA is supported by the UK Department for International Development, King’s College London, FSI Worldwide and VHR Global Technical Recruitment.

Launching in June 2019, The FLA is formed of an exclusive group of pioneering organisations dedicated to innovative and sustainable workforce solutions. Business leaders, government departments, academics and respected international organisations are working through the FLA to help companies develop efficient and ethical labour supply chains.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates that 40.3 million people are currently working under modern slavery practices[i], with 24.9 million people working under forced labour.

Governments across the Middle East, Asia and Africa have introduced positive measures to tackle labour exploitation and abuse.  Although many businesses are keen to engage, no dedicated alliances exist to provide guidance and support that can help industry leaders improve recruitment and supply chain practices.

The FLA bridges that gap by offering:

  • Practical Expert Advice – How to introduce successful fair labour practices
  • Case Studies – How world-leading companies are benefiting from ethical recruitment
  • Best Practice Project Plans – practical support to help build fair labour processes
  • Network Connections – attendance at exclusive events to share recruitment and labour challenges and solutions
  • Unfair and unfree labour practices are a global human rights and corruption challenge; business leaders are critical in the fight against it.

The global legal and political landscape now mandates greater compliance efforts. Fair labour is no longer a peripheral CSR issue, it is critical to commercial sustainability.

The FLA aims to increase awareness about labour practices, advise businesses about how to implement ethical recruitment, and protect workers from being exploited.

To find out more, or to join the FLA, please visit


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