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The Gap Between What Leaders Want and What Recruiters Deliver


We all know that talent plays a key role in business outcomes. And that means that hiring is one of the most crucial tasks for anyone who manages a team. But according to our recent research, there’s a significant gap between the importance of key recruitment activities to leaders and the performance of these tasks by recruiters. While managers understand the importance of hiring star players, recruiters simply aren’t doing a good job of finding them.

Our many years of experience helping organizations transform their recruiting functions also back this idea up. Simply put, companies around the globe are struggling to hire the talent they need.

All of the tasks are important to managers when they’re hiring new employees, but one stands out above all others in the eyes of the business leaders we surveyed: delivering quality hires consistently. While this metric was without question the top priority, recruiters performed way below expectations in this area. That’s simply unacceptable.