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The Great Apprenticeship Turn-off & The UK Skills Gap


Apprenticeships are failing to attract the very people they were designed for, according to a new report from the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission. The number of people under 25 enrolling on apprenticeships rose by only 4% between 2010-2014 which currently represents only 4,200 in that age group. With a skills shortage across many sectors, such as tech, banking and finance and construction, the apprenticeship ‘turn-off’ is exacerbating the problem, but what is causing it?

What’s causing the turn-off?

Two principal issues are causing young people to turn away from apprenticeships:-

  • Apprenticeships aren’t regarded as a positive move as they don’t represent an improvement in educational terms. The report found that 97% of apprentices age 18-21 are enrolled on schemes which are A level equivalent or lower.