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The Growth of Mobile Recruitment 2014


Are recruiters missing out on the potential of mobile recruitment? A recent survey from has revealed that 66% of UK businesses are missing opportunities to recruit top talent because their job websites are not mobile optimised.

The results suggest that some businesses are yet to catch up with the fast-paced world of digital engagement and recruitment, and may well not appreciate the scale and pace of change in the online world. Certainly, those who are not yet making moves to meet the changing demands of a mobile and networked world could find themselves failing to attract the best and brightest candidates, or to retain existing staff.

The survey revealed that only 39%of responding businesses had tailored their job ‘search and apply’ process to suit smartphone and mobile device users. However, a third of job seekers questioned already say that they prefer to use their phone or tablet to carry out job searches, and nearly 50% are using it to carry out research on potential role and employers.

The survey’s findings also suggested that a lack of mobile optimisation and compatibility could lead to negative connotations with the employer brand, with 19% of job seekers explaining that they had negatively viewed companies who had failed to optimise their digital assets for mobile use.

This also suggests further worrying insights for employers, who may well be investing in their employer brand, without supplying the necessary corresponding investment to the technical channels that deliver it. Could a poor mobile experience be enough to turn off job seekers? It seems so, especially in a world where young talent in particular is increasingly networked and on the go.

What the results mean

Ultimately, British business still has room for further development when it comes to digital engagement and their employer brands. There is little point in developing a strong offline employer brand and concept if the online offer simply doesn’t back it up. If users find that they cannot use a website easily on their mobile phone or tablet, they are unlikely to return to it. Many now use portable digital devices as their primary means of carrying out online searches, rather than using a desk based PC or laptop.

Are more inappropriate job seekers screened out by your application process?


Is more appropriate & qualified talent simply not bothering to apply?

Job seekers expect to be able to engage with an employer through a range of platforms, channels and devices. A simple careers website or a print job advert is no longer enough. Those employers who really do want to find the best talent, as well as build existing employee engagement, will invest strongly in their digital assets, liaising with solution providers such as MoBolt where necessary to build capability and knowledge. This is a great opportunity for the HR function to work with external-facing teams to learn about the latest tools and apply this knowledge to the world of recruitment.

Tips for employers

Businesses must ensure that their websites are compatible for view on a range of devices, including mobiles and tablets, as well as desktops. Equally important is ensuring that candidates are then able to apply directly for roles from their mobile device. Without this functionality, employers risk losing the interest of candidates who may put off the prospect of applying via laptop or PC until it’s too late.

Whilst there is an array of technology companies offering ways in which employers can make the apply process easier for candidates, this only really benefits the job seeker. Yes – in the first instance that’s great for your employer brand but when it comes to making the recruitment process smoother in-house, there is no real benefit. That’s where the MoBolt solution really holds its own. Their offering allows applications made from a mobile to be submitted directly to an existing ATS whilst at the same time, streamlining the application process for the job seeker, resulting in significantly higher conversions and a compelling ROI .

If you are looking to improve your mobile offering in 2014, ensure that all HR staff within the business are trained about the potential and uses of digital media. Modern HR and recruitment staff must be confident in using these tools and ready to do so, which requires business investment and regular training as the world evolves and requires new and fresh approaches.