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The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Recruiting New Staff


Finding and attracting the right candidates to fill vacancies has always been a challenge for businesses regardless of size; but, up until recently, it has always been a sellers market – vacancies would typically have dozens of applicants, all vying for that one position.

However, things are changing, and fast. The 2014 employment landscape is now very much a buyer’s market. For example, by Q2 of this year, CV-Library found that, on average, there were only six applicants per job in the pharmaceutical and scientific jobs sector. Unemployment is at its lowest since 2008.

We think the digital branding, social media and the ‘hive mind’ mentality of online conversation is helping to drive this change. To remain competitive, UK employers are, subsequently, having to make significant changes to their online marketing strategy, and this in turn brings Human Resources team closer to the marketing discussion.