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The Importance of Hiring for Culture Fit


Bachelor’s degree? Check.
Experience? Check.
References? Check.
Didn’t wear a baseball cap and sandals to interview? Check.

“When can you start?” – hiring manager circa 2007

This scenario doesn’t happen very often nowadays. The traditional hurdles of interviewing still exist, but the modern course of action has a new variable to clear: culture fit. Coasting in with a solid resume and references won’t guarantee a second interview with the C-staff. Brains, talent, and charm are desirable traits, but only if the shoe fits. All of the smarts and qualifications in the world are worthless if the candidate’s general attitude and outlook will erode your company’s culture.

To be clear, company culture is important on both sides of the desk. filtered through their database of employee reviews last year and compiled a list of the top 25 company cultures voted on by employees. Corporate culture was ranked on a scale of 1-5, and to no surprise, big names like Twitter, Google, Facebook, and Southwest were in the Top 10.



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