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The increasing importance of social media in HR and job searching


With 75 per cent of companies using or planning to use social media sites for recruiting, sites like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook are becoming important in job searching.

Building on this, social media is now creating an even wider and louder debate for HR. A larger audience are considering how social media creates a platform for greater organisational success.

Talent acquisition has been the most obvious area of opportunity within many companies who embrace social media’s potential. Done well, this can include accelerating the entire recruiting process from posting openings to sourcing candidates, reviewing CVs, making an offer and on boarding.

There is obviously a link here with lean administration, efficient recruitment processes and value for money; making it clear that HR is increasingly interested in the ROI considerations of using social media as a recruitment platform.

Put simply, that means measuring sales conversions and targeting traffic. But another core ROI feature includes identifying, creating and measuring prospect engagement.

Prospect engagement, building knowledge capacity and organisational effectiveness are now amongst the biggest themes in the social media debate. If HR need convincing, the obvious benefits offered by social media as a consumer and brand orientated set of tools are well established.