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The Most Common Complaints about Recruitment Software, and Why They’re Bunk


In the business of recruitment software, we encounter recurring themes in employer complaints about technology in the hiring process. Here we address some of the most common and explain why they’re, well, bunk:-

Recruitment software takes the ‘human’ out of HR

With millions of jobs predicted to be lost to automation, HR is understandably wary of recruitment software, regarding it as the first step on the slippery slope towards a robotic hiring function. That’s bunk. HR software alleviates the burden of chasing a paper trail of candidates and hours spent back tracking to ensure qualified applicants haven’t been overlooked. Sophisticated applicant tracking systems also tag and fast-track employee referrals. Technology frees up valuable time for HR to spend more time on the people side of the business, such as, interview preparation and engaging with talent.

You ‘don’t need mobile recruitment’

Less than half of employers offer candidates the ability to apply for their jobs via a mobile device but it’s the method of choice for job searches.