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The Most Effective Way of Contacting Passive Candidates


Houston we have a problem. The vast majority of us are currently completely at odds with our candidates when it comes to how to contact them about job opportunities.

Earlier this year we conducted our annual Global Recruiting Survey, in which we endeavoured to discover which candidate communication methods are most popular among recruiters and which were the most effective. After asking almost 1,000 recruiters worldwide, we found that most recruiters (81%) choose to send either a LinkedIn connection request or a LinkedIn InMail to a passive candidate in order to first engage with them. Only 14% take the time to find an email address, and only 5% pick up the phone and try to reach talent the old fashioned way.

The results are coherent with the fact that most recruiters spend the majority of their time on LinkedIn. 97% use it to search for talent, so it’s not surprising they also use it to reach out to top talent once they’ve found them there. But there’s a problem. While recruiters are ploughing most of their time and effort into finding and contacting candidates on LinkedIn, the professional networking site is actually one of the least popular methods of communication among potential candidates.