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The Must Have Recruitment Technologies for 2014


It’s a brand new year and to be sure that everyone is geared up and ready to go, at Recruitment Buzz HQ we decided to put together a list of some very useful software, tools and programs which could help you to start 2014 on the right foot!

So take a look below at our roundup of the most exciting recruitment technology available; sadly none of them can help with keeping those pesky New Year’s resolutions.


Social recruiting is currently all the rage amongst the recruitment industry, but when trying to conduct ‘research’ on a candidate by browsing their social media profiles, there can be some difficulties in trying to find the exact person you are looking for. Worry no more as now there is a handy tool called 360Social, which helps you to track the social media footprints of that potential new placement.


The internet offers a candidate goldmine for recruiters but what happens when you find the perfect person for a role, but geographic circumstances stop them from attending the all-important interview? Award winning video interviewing solution Sonru enables recruiters and hiring managers to enter their questions, set a deadline and invite candidates from all over the world via email to complete their interview. It’s even available in multiple languages!

Contract Availability

Are you a recruiter that deals in temp roles? Have you developed a treasure trove of go-to candidates? Well now there is handy tool which helps you to keep track of your go-to candidates and contractors. Sounds like a cool idea right? Head on over to their site to get access today – It’s in Beta mode at the moment but we’re confident it will soon become the recruiter’s tool of choice.


Everyone is mobile in one way or another; legs are especially helpful in proving this. But almost everyone has a mobile phone to take with them while they’re walking about, including all those job seekers. To help recruiters get the most of the mobile market, might we recommend MoBolt. They have built an advanced mobile recruiting technology platform which simplifies the mobile apply process and delivers an ideal user experience. The really clever part though, is the fact that it works on top of any ATS system worldwide and requires no technical integration. Win, win!


I know recruiters and hiring managers are busy folk, so organisation is key to their success. With this in mind, I would be terrible at my job if I did not suggest using Qandidate. With this sleek all-encompassing system, managing vacancies has never been easier. You can quickly add and sort your job vacancies and even publish them onto your own FREE career site. If that wasn’t enough, you can then give your vacancies extra exposure. Qandidate will select the most effective job sites for you, at the very best price – giving you a completely customised campaign within 24 hours.


You have an array of potential candidates; all stellar on paper but to interview them all would take you into Christmas 2014. Have you thought of setting them a test? TalentQ offers Psychometric testing for sifting through competencies, personality and motivation testing; even some feedback testing.


In this age of infographics and social media profiles, branding has never been so important. Papirfly offers a whole range of tools across various platforms to help shore up your employer branding and put across the positive image and message you deserve!

So armed with this list of super stuff, I hope 2014 is your best year yet for recruiting great talent. Just be sure to check back onto Recruitment Buzz in case we find any other cool tools which can help you on your Recruiting adventures, because as we all know, the world of tech is ever-changing.

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