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The Necessary Behaviours of New Leaders


Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the Labour Party Conference led William Hague to write in The Telegraph that “Sub-contracting decisions… will never be any substitute for leadership itself”[1]. He was commenting on Corbyn’s intention to ask party members what they wanted.

Whilst Hague may be making a party-political point, his comment does question how new leaders should behave. Corbyn finds himself in the same position as many CEOs, desiring to bring some degree of democracy to the boardroom. No new CEO wants to ride in and declare strategy. And yet, like the Labour MPs, that’s often what the assembled management team expects.

Success in this mammoth venture (for both Corbyn and the CEO) depends at this point on why it is that followers will follow. And for this we need to look at the heart of leadership, what it is and how it works. We then need to look at the necessary behaviours of new leaders.