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The New App to Reduce Bias in Your Job Ads


In the job market, there are terms that lend job advertisements towards biased interpretations. Although this is almost never on purpose, using potentially bias language in a job advertisement doesn’t help to ameliorate gender disparity in tech fields. There are certain phrases or words that subconsciously target men or women looking for jobs, and if you aren’t careful, you might unknowingly dissuade a great candidate from applying. But have no fear, there’s finally a tool that will outline gendered wording so you can reduce bias in your job ads.

Decoding Gendered Language

Based on a paper published by Duke University and the University of Waterloo, there are very specific words and phrases that are gender coded. In recent years, there’s been a lot of heavy discussion over gender targeted job descriptions and job postings. But lo and behold, in response to the need for a tool that will help recruiters create gender neutral job advertisementsKat Matfield developed just that.