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The One Simple Thing That Managers Can do to Improve Performance Management


A third of managers are making their regular check-ins or 1-2-1s with their employees less effective by not following up on action points raised in their previous meeting. New research* from performance management software specialist Appraisd, highlights this basic and fundamental failing that many managers are making, which devalues the time with their employees and risks valuable information being lost or forgotten.

The survey highlighted that this was the major concern employees had about their check-ins. When asked what their line manager could do to improve these meetings, the most popular answer given (by 26% of respondents) was to follow up on issues and concerns more effectively. 24% also wanted their manager to prepare for their check-ins more effectively; showing a worrying number of line managers are simply going through the motions and not treating these important meetings as a priority.

Regular check-ins between line managers and their employees are vital in so many different ways. They are the perfect opportunity to build a strong relationship, exchange information and provide constructive, relevant and timely feedback. The vast majority of employees value them, with the survey revealing 84% believe they are important. If managers don’t prepare properly and follow up on actions, much of this value is lost and a key opportunity to build engagement is lost.

Roly Walter, Founder of Appraisd, says

“From working closely with our customers we know that check-ins work best when they follow a framework and action points are created so both managers and employees are clear on the next steps required. When this doesn’t happen, employees quickly get disillusioned as they feel their concerns or their development are not a priority.  Employees want to know what their goals are, how well they are doing and to have a manager who will do what they promise. Just taking five or ten minutes to prepare for a check-in and the same amount of time afterwards to note and share the action points, makes these regular meetings far more valuable, measurable and productive for all concerned.”