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The Rise of the Gig Economy


The global skills shortage is now ranked as the biggest threat to businesses by three quarters of CEOS . The solution to this widening  gap is the rising use of the contingent workforce or ‘Gig Economy’.  Identified as one of the key trends affecting  HR in 2016, employers remain cautious about embracing its benefits.

To remain competitive, HR will be required to review its stance on this emerging talent pool which now represents 15% of the EU’s workforce and is predicted to be its fastest growing segment.

Our new whitepaper examines the advantages and challenges of the Gig Economy, including:-

  • Global talent megatrends.
  • The Gig Economy in numbers.
  • Embracing the Gig Economy with six steps towards a more flexible workforce.
  • Discover the weakest link in the Gig Economy chain.

The potential of the Gig Economy provides employers with access to much needed expertise and people who offer new  capabilities and perspectives.

To remain competitive and address the skills shortage, UK businesses must open up to the talent available in the Gig Economy.

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