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The Role of Market Research in the Recruitment Industry


A recent study by LinkedIn and Altimeter showed that an engaged employee is 20% more likely to stay at a company. Recruitment is a sector that can benefit from investing in survey sampling to help build insight into search habits, industry-specific preferences and employee behaviours. Whether it’s for human resources managers who are looking to retain valuable staff and source new talent, or recruitment consultants who require insights into attracting new candidates. Understanding seasonal trends and behaviours could provide recruiters with a valuable insight into the mindset of prospective candidates.

Understanding Behaviours

Developing an awareness of how different people seek employment could help to support targeting within advertising campaigns. Recent studies have shown that men are more likely to gain employment through networking, whilst female candidates are more successful in securing positions through published job opportunities. From coordinating networking events to advertising jobs on the most appropriate outlets, using online panels or surveys to identify how people like to search for opportunities could be key to reaching the right candidates.