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Thinking of Starting a Recruitment Business?


This article was submitted by Simplicity

You’ve given it a lot of thought and are on the verge of making it happen. However, is it the right time to start your own recruitment agency? The answer is the time is now for several reasons.

First there is the economy. While Brexit may have slowed the rate of growth slightly,  employer confidence continues to remain positive which in turn is driving demand for top talent – talent that recruiters like you are able to help them to find.

Secondly, the recruitment industry is estimated to be worth an estimated £35 billion…and counting.

Thirdly is the availability of finance. Indeed, the last couple of years has seen the rise in the number of alternative finance providers entering the market as small businesses are encouraged by the more flexible options available to them rather than relying purely on traditional high street lenders.

In fact, between 2015-2016 the alternative finance industry grew to £3.2 billion – stimulated by tighter restrictions over lending among many UK banks. This has seen alternative finance transcend from being on the periphery to becoming mainstream. However, when considering turning to an alternative finance provider, caution should prevail.

Not all financers are the same. Most operate across a multitude of sectors yet few can call themselves true sector specialists. Many of the recruitment agency clients we partner with come to us having previously worked with generalist finance providers. But each report their frustration over the lack of real knowledge and understanding of the recruitment industry these providers have – a critical factor that can play a significant role in how you grow your business.

Another great reason to consider starting your own recruitment agency now is that technology has made it even easier for you to do so. As well as smartphones, cloud technology  and video conferencing, recruiters are continually focusing on how to work smarter and more efficiently. For example, Simplicity is set to offer an innovative Recruitment CRM workflow solution as part of their ongoing commitment to achieving faster, smarter growth for their partners – watch this space.

We have highlighted just a few of the key practical reasons why now is a great time to start up on your own, yet we all know it’s the magic of being your own boss which drives most people to take the next step and become a recruitment entrepreneur.


Simplicity is the ‘go to’ Growth Partner for start-up and existing recruitment businesses. They help recruiters achieve Faster, Smarter Growth by removing barriers and providing them with the critical tools needed to run long term, successful and profitable businesses.

They exist to make the business of recruitment as simple as possible, by providing recruiters with a comprehensive range of market leading, award winning and ISO 9001 certified financial, back office and support services.
As part of their solution we offer ‘GEMS’ the industry’s first FREE end-to-end Recruitment CRM and Workflow Solution. GEMS technology combines your front and back office systems into one seamless process. No longer do you need the hassle and cost of a standalone CRM and other systems to run your business. From CRM to payroll, right through to reporting, GEMS provides the complete technology solution and best of all its completely FREE to Simplicity partners.

Time is a valuable asset to you and your business. Partnering with Simplicity will give you all the time you need to focus on what you do best; win new business, manage existing clients and source the best talent. Simplicity can help you to achieve your growth aspirations and make your recruitment business a success.


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