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The Three Biggest IT Issues Facing Recruitment Businesses


By Peter Hack, Managed 24/7

We’ve found that the most recruiters think that their businesses are very low tech, that their systems are very simple, and, as a result, they shouldn’t really have any issues. When we take a deeper look, there are actually many facets that make up the IT systems for recruiting companies. There are software solutions for a host of IT systems such as Email, CRM, Payroll, Job Boards, Candidate Background Checks, CV Storage. With recruitment being a fast-paced industry all services need to be available and accessible 24 hours a day. Security is also paramount in this industry as data is king. The potential for your client or candidate database walking out the door with a disgruntled employee keeps many business owners up at night.

So, as we can see, IT in recruitment is far from simple. There is a fine art to selecting the best IT systems for your company, and getting them to work seamlessly together, and be available 24 hours a day is almost a dark art. That is where Managed 24/7 shines.

Whilst the technology we use is cutting edge and works in a very complicated way our approach is incredibly simple; let’s identify what is stopping your business working at 100% of its potential, concentrate on fixing the individual problems, then proactively monitor your systems thoroughly to ensure it continues to works as you’ve always wanted it to for the future.

It’s this approach which has helped Managed 24/7 to save our recruitment customers thousands of pounds that is wasted on the salaries of consultants waiting for their system to work properly, or having to manually convert something which could be completed automatically. One quick example is a 16-user recruitment business which said 45% of their back-office staffs time was taken completing a workaround as their systems weren’t mapped to work together correctly. At the national average wage of £27,500 that equates to £37,125 of money wasted, and that is without thinking about what they could be doing with the other 45% of their time. When we start multiplying this figure out to recruitment businesses of 50 or 100 staff those figures can increase dramatically.

Below we’ve listed the top three complaints we see from recruitment businesses in the UK:

“Everything is running slowly!”

I think we can all agree that recruiters aren’t always the most patient when they feel that their IT is impacting their billing ability. This is especially highlighted when they miss out on a hot candidate as emails were running slowly or the CRM wasn’t loading quickly enough. As much as we talk about candidate exclusivity and not being a reactive industry, the truth is speed is of the essence. There are many factors which could be affecting the speed of your systems, ranging from the supplier of the software right through to the end user’s device. If you have opted to utilise cloud based software such as a cloud CRM, you may be having issues caused by bandwidth, or your internal network. If you host your systems locally how are they presented to your consultants? Are your servers specified correctly to meet the demands of the software it is running? Are they kept in the best health possible and proactively monitored and updated? Are you running a hosted desktop environment which logs users out for no reason? Have your systems been set up to work correctly together ensuring a seamless work process?

With so many potential bottlenecks the only way to identify your issue is to engage a specialist to fully audit your network.

“I spend too much time on admin!”

All sales people want to get from point A to point closed with as few admin points as possible so that they can concentrate on the next deal. From a managers perspective, this is a minefield as you want your consultants making placements, however you need everyone to be compliant and entering all details into your IT Systems. This is where IT can get in the way and cause lots of problems. Consultants can become quickly frustrated if they feel their earning potential is being limited due to poorly designed IT processes or incompatible systems. No Manager wants to lose their top biller through their IT systems letting them down. Stepping back from your processes and engaging a fresh set of eyes to identify what gains can be made can greatly raise morale, speed up your processes, and end up in large productivity and profitability gains.

“Nobody seems to get us – we just want it to work”

We hear this phrase from nearly every recruitment business that we meet. The truth is the recruitment industry is different to so many others. It is a fast paced, compliancy lead, 24/7 industry with businesses who can’t afford downtime. Email, CRM, Telephone Systems, Payroll, Candidate Checking facilities all have to be in place and running all of the time otherwise you can quickly see money lost. Security is also paramount as recruitment businesses handle vast amounts of personal details including names, ages, addresses, bank details, and passport details of their candidates. Failure to be compliant can incur large financial penalties.

On top of this the industry is staffed by passionate and highly competitive individuals who need their systems to support their work ethic rather than hinder it.

Managed 24/7 work with a number of larger recruitment businesses who operate best practice recruitment both in the UK and internationally. We understand the pain points and know how to work best with businesses in the sector to make sure your expectations are met and exceeded. Our “every ticket is a failure” mantra is greatly received and is well aligned to a very demanding industry sector.

Engaging Managed 24/7 will be the step forward to decreasing costs, improving productivity and profitability, and overall improving staff morale through better, more compatible, and always available IT systems. “IT is never perfect” is just not something we subscribe to.