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ThriveMap Launches Ground-Breaking New Pre-Hire Assessment


Innovative HR Tech start-up ThriveMap have launched a brand-new product, the all-in-one assessment. The completely customised and fully branded tool allows employers to simultaneously examine whether a candidate has the right skills for the job, the right level of commitment and whether they fit the culture of the organisation.

When searching for a new job, candidates are looking for organisations that are transparent, who present an honest depiction of their culture. Employers that take the time to create a recruitment process which provides a window into their world will attract the talent best suited to their vision and approach. The all-in-one assessment can do just that, providing hiring managers with a powerful indicator of how well a candidate will perform in the job and providing candidates with an exceptional candidate experience from start to finish.

Psychological theory, practical solution

Unlike traditional psychometrics, the all-in-one assessment takes candidates through a typical day in the role or company, allowing applicants to get a realistic picture of the role and culture ahead of joining the company. The all-in-one assessment relies on measuring real life scenarios. It compares how candidates perform against the results of employees who thrive in that job. If an employer can’t demonstrate how an attribute presents itself in a real workplace scenario, it won’t be measured.

“The biggest problem for companies looking to solve their volume hiring needs is that the solutions they are given are derived from abstract and generic psychological tests that are not directly relevant to today’s ever-changing workplace.” says ThriveMap Chief Science Officer, Dr Stephanie Cook. “The all-in-one assessment takes scientific research out of the lab, making it relevant and useful to hiring managers.”

The all-in-one assessment looks at the “three Cs” that all employees need to be successful:

  • Capability – Can they do the job? The assessment tests the skills required for the specific role in a hyper-relevant work context.
  • Commitment – Do they want to do the job? The assessment tests the commitment knowledge the candidate has of the role, product or service and the organisation.
  • Culture fit – Will they thrive in the culture? The assessment tests how well their preferred working style fits in with your unique culture.

Of all the hires that fail, 89% are unrelated to technical ability, they are concerned with the fit to the culture of the organisation. A hiring process that takes this into account alongside whether a candidate can and wants to do the job, can significantly reduce turnover rates, time spent on recruitment and improve the candidate experience.

Saving time and money on high volume hiring

The all-in-one assessment is particularly suitable for high-volume hiring, where companies need to work their way through a large number of applications. The assessment can last up to 15 minutes, depending on how detailed the organisation wants the assessment to be.

Enhanced candidate experience

Poor candidate experience affects customer behaviour. According to a recent IBM survey only 25% of dissatisfied candidates are likely to become new customers, whereas for satisfied candidates that number more than doubles to 53%. This translates directly into additional revenue for companies with positive candidate experiences.

Providing an exceptional candidate experience can create powerful brand advocates. ThriveMap delivers a fully customisable end-to-end assessment experience to turn candidates into brand advocates. A report of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses compared to their best-performing employees is produced, ensuring managers can feedback clearly on the reasons why an applicant was successful or not. These insights can also be easily shared with unsuccessful candidates to enhance their preparation for future interviews.

Communicating your employer brand

More and more companies are investing in their employer brand but in the age of social media, corporate reputation is becoming increasingly difficult to control. To combat this, companies need to differentiate themselves and communicate their best place to work credentials through the recruitment process.

“HR work hard to create a positive and consistent employer brand message, then they put candidates through an off-the-shelf psychometric assessment and undo all that great work,” says Chris Platts, Co-Founder and CEO of ThriveMap. “We provide companies with a platform to both assess talent and communicate their unique brand and culture simultaneously”.

A consistent and fair approach

Alongside the assessment, the tool also produces personalised interview questions for hiring managers to ask, creating a structured interview framework. This means that almost no training is required to follow a fair, consistent and effective interview process, helping to eliminate potential bias.

Each assessment is built in collaboration with the organisation. ThriveMap works with the HR team and all relevant departments across the business, to create an assessment that is true-to-life, relevant, and unique. It involves stakeholders from the start, ensuring they feel included and involved in the process. This holistic approach makes the assessment is part of the business and establishes a clear blueprint that everyone across the business can follow.

“Pre-hire assessments are an invaluable tool in the recruitment process, but in today’s competitive environment, just looking at skills and experience only provides part of the picture,” says Chris Platts, Co-Founder of ThriveMap. “Cultural fit is becoming increasingly important in an evolving job market, with employees wanting to feel connected and engaged with their employer. The all-in-one assessment provides that missing piece, revealing not only who can do the job but also who will be most suited.”


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