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Tips on How to Attract the Right Candidate BuzzFeed Style


BuzzFeed, the buzz word for everything “content marketing” based, released figures at the beginning of the year highlighting that they were getting five billion content views per month.  FIVE BILLION!! That’s a lot of views, but how does BuzzFeed manage this incredible feat? We could provide you with a detailed breakdown of all of their activities, the excellent journalism, or their zeitgeist-like ability to stay ahead of the current trending topics, but the simple answer is that they have a God-like ability to market through social media channels.

BuzzFeed received 75% of their web traffic from their social media sites. They are acutely aware of this and optimise their content specifically for social media. The headlines for stories are eminently clickable, and, if they prove not to be clickable, quality data analysis allows BuzzFeed writers rewrite and adjust their content until headlines are clickable – they know what their engagement rates are and how to improve them.

BuzzFeed received 75% of their web traffic from their social media sites

Clickable headlines are only just the start; the content they produce is incredibly shareable. Every article, quiz, slide, image or video is ready to be shared at the click of a button. Share icons follow you through every interaction on BuzzFeed, does your website do the same?



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