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Top 10 Advorto HR & Recruitment Blogs For 2015


On our website we’ve covered a number of trending and perennial recruitment and HR topics in 2015, from the basics of recruitment software and the hiring process to an evaluation of HR’s aversion to big data and an exploration of the UK’s soft skills crisis.

Today, in time honoured tradition, we present to you our most popular content of 2015, together with an added bonus.

10 : 5 Reasons Traditional Hiring Methods Don’t Attract Talent
Old habits die hard and employers are still hanging on to traditional hiring methods, such as posting adverts across job boards, but these methods are failing. Find out why!

9 : 6 Tips To Prevent Candidate No-Shows
For recruiters, the candidate no-show is a growing phenomenon in today’s skills starved market. This blog provides six essential tips to prevent your candidates going AWOL.

8 : Background Checks : Do Your Candidates Have Something To Hide?
In May 2014, the European Court of Justice approved the ‘right to be forgotten’, allowing people to request the removal of personal information from search results. How can you be sure your candidates don’t have anything to hide? Read our blog and find out.

7 : Why You’re Failing At Recruitment Software
If you’ve invested in recruitment software and you’re still not seeing the transformation you expected in your hiring process, here are the seven mistakes you’re probably making.

6 : E-Recruitment – 5 Ways For Your Job Post To Stand Out From The Crowd
A vacancy is posted on global jobsite Indeed every 8.2 seconds. Find out how to ensure your job post stands out in a crowded jobs market.

5 : 6 Reasons Your Candidate Experience Is Failing
Without a positive candidate experience your pipeline will leak talent. Here are six of the most common causes.

4 : 6 Reasons Your Hiring Process Isn’t Working
60% of UK businesses report problems with attracting and hiring qualified candidates. If your hiring process isn’t working it’s probably down to these six reasons (and your lack of technology).

3 : The Challenges Facing HR In 2015
Our popular whitepaper examines the challenges facing HR and recruitment in 2015, including an analysis of the 5 main barriers to the candidate experience and the ‘datafication’of HR. These challenges will remain during 2016. For an analysis of the issues and solutions, download your copy today.

2 : Top  10  LinkedIn Groups For Recruitment and HR
For both rookies and experienced HR and recruitment professionals, LinkedIn is a great way to connect and share advice on best practice. Our post lists the ten LinkedIn groups you need to join to stay ahead of trends in the next year (in no particular order).

1 : Top HR and Recruitment Blogs 2015
Number 1 for 2015 of our most popular content is our top HR and Recruitment blogs. These are the blogs that keep you up to date on practical advice, latest research and topics, from big data to workplace wellbeing.

All Time Number 1!

Our all-time Number 1 blog was published towards the end of 2014 but remains one of our most frequently read articles. We thought you might like a reminder of why it proved so popular. The title says it all.


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