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Top 5 Advorto HR & Recruitment Blogs for 2017


As we pass the midway point of 2017, we take a look at our most popular HR and recruitment blogs of the year so far.

  1.  8 Ways To Reduce Your Candidate Drop-Off Rates

As candidate availability plummeted to its lowest for 16 months in May, we offered advice on how to reduce the candidate drop-off rates in your pipeline.

  1.  5 Reasons You Made A Bad Hire

The cost of failed hiring decisions made the headlines last week but it was a topic we featured back in April as 90% of business leaders admitted that staff retention was a cause for concern.

  1.  The Mistakes You’re Making In Talent Acquisition

The news that one in five hiring managers make their minds up about a candidate within one minute of meeting them was the inspiration behind another of our popular May articles.