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Top 5 IT Outsourcing Tips for Recruiters


Recruitment is a competitive industry and executives need maximum focus on service offerings and customers to remain dominant in their market. IT services play an important part in keeping recruiters efficient and operational, however, delivered badly they impede productivity and are a risk to the integrity of the business. The overhead of managing internal IT delivery or poorly performing Service Providers detracts from core business activities and leaves you at a disadvantage.

This blog details 5 priority considerations for recruiters before outsourcing IT services or changing to a new Cloud or Managed Service Provider

1 Business Rationale

Why the change? This fundamental question is driven by the need to communicate with all stakeholders, especially those negatively impacted. When people understand the “why” they are more likely to buy into a new direction.

Top reasons businesses change service provider or outsource IT services:

  • Business agility
  • Reduce and control IT costs
  • Improve service levels and productivity
  • Reduce risk
  • Get more focus on business priorities

2 Planning  

Initiating the project will uncover challenges that need to be overcome both from a technology and business standpoint. No doubt there will be specific technology issues that are causing sub-optimal performance levels or risking the integrity of the business. These need to be captured, analysed and presented to potential Service Providers as problems to be resolved. Moreover, there will be non-technology challenges such as terminating existing contracts, project related activity and scheduling downtime, so it doesn’t affect core business activity like candidate payroll.

Mapping out the potential challenges will help avoid any nasty surprises like termination fees or costs associated with project delay.

  • Requirements

Understanding the needs of the business is crucial to pulling together a specification that can go out to potential Service Providers. CRM, CV Parsing tools, Payroll, Billing and Finance Systems all have hosting and integration requirements that need to be captured.

Key requirements for consideration:

Selection Process

Selecting on recommendation alone is not enough to de-risk outsourcing to a new IT Partner, the selection process needs to be robust and targeted.

Only consider Service Providers that can demonstrate key capabilities and technology solutions your business needs, and that have the experience of delivering for other customers in your industry. Opening the selection process to 10 un-qualified, IT Managed Service Providers is a bit like the hit and hope tactic you see on a pub pool table.

Organisations rely on their IT Partners to keep them online and productive, making it a key relationship while also being a significant cost. Getting it wrong can prove a costly mistake in terms of business risk, value for money and staff productivity.

5 Ongoing Service Delivery

When the selection process is over, and your business has transitioned to a new Service Provider, don’t be complacent. Or in other words, don’t swap one set of problems for a new set.  Service Providers need to be kept aligned with business objectives and initiatives throughout the entire lifecycle of a contract. Make sure there is someone responsible for proactively managing the IT Partner. Click the following link for more information How do I get the most out of my IT Managed Service Provider?

Lastly, ask for help if you don’t have the expertise or the available time to complete a major undertaking like outsourcing IT services.

James Newson