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Top 5 Recruitment Youtube Channels


Let’s be honest, when it comes to the internet there is no site quite as popular as YouTube. It dominates the web of video sharing with its iron clad monopoly of cat videos and body-popping.

But when it comes to the drawing the venn diagram of where the worlds of YouTube and Recruitment overlap, there are only a few channels that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

The Jim Stroud Show

The clue about who the star of this particular show is in the name, that’s right it’s Jim Stroud!

Jim brings his expertise to the YouTube arena with some excellent videos discussing topics of interest and sharing some Google+ hangouts.


Shane McCusker

Representing the Northern Irish recruiters, Shane McCukser brings monthly videos, teaming up with some of the big names in Recruitment (Jim Stroud being one of them) discussing social recruiting, tips for sourcing and the latest tech developments in the field.


Johnny Campbell

Over on the SocialTalent channel you’ll find Johnny Campbell, here he gives all the tips on sourcing, breaking down the myths of passive candidates and giving some insight into some of the best tools for sourcing.


Betts Recruiting

Betts Recruiting have taken a bit of a different approach to the world of YouTube and have summoned all their powers of creativity to come up with some really funny videos about the world of recruitment.


Lou Adler

The self-proclaimed original head-hunter and the author of a bestselling book, Lou Adler shares on YouTube tips, tricks and webinars to help those in need or those just getting started in the world of recruitment.


Of course the world of YouTube is huge, vast and pretty much every other word synonymous with ‘big’. There is almost certainly channels out there I will have missed, please feel free to share your favourite channels in the comment section below!

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