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The Top 5 Regions Needing Construction Skills


A new analysis has revealed that construction professionals are in demand in hotspots including Manchester, Somerset and London.

The analysis by One Way – the specialist construction and rail recruiter – has found that construction specialists are highly sought after across the UK but particularly in areas including Manchester, Hampshire and Somerset. The demand has been attributed to major projects, such as the development of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant being given the green light. This comes at a time when the construction industry has suffered from significant and ongoing skills shortages that threaten to affect productivity and could potentially prevent projects from going ahead.

Paul Payne, Managing Director of One Way, comments on the top five regions that construction professionals are in demand:


“Manchester has developed an enormous amount in recent years and is now on the receiving end of further major investment. The city centre is being redeveloped to incorporate a new hospital next to Manchester Royal Infirmary and the revolutionary Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre, which promises to drive further future employment.”


“Rather than one major project driving activity there are numerous smaller, but still sizeable, initiatives that have raised demand for construction workers across Hampshire. The largest is likely to be the £1.6bn Manydown Regeneration Phase One which will deliver a total of over 8,000 new homes. In addition, planning permission has also been granted for a new residential development just north of Fareham which will create an exemplar, sustainable garden community in the area. Unsurprisingly, it’s likely that construction, as well as new homes sales and marketing specialists, will be in significant demand in Hampshire in the coming months.”


“Activity on the South West coast has been driven by one major project, the colossal Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant. The programme is set to create up to 25,000 roles with as many as 5,600 on site at any one time. As a result of the enormous complexity of the project, professionals from a wide range of vertical construction and engineering markets are likely to be sought after to work here.”


“This one is hardly surprising and the capital is almost constantly in the midst of a development frenzy. Some of the projects underway at the moment include the upgrade of Bank station, the first phase of HS2, the Thames Tideway Tunnel, Croydon shopping centre and, of course, Crossrail, all of which are raising demand for a wide variety of construction and engineering specialists. London is one of the areas that really benefits from the skills of overseas specialists, so it could be one of the most severely impacted when we leave the EU.”


“Perhaps the most interesting development in this list is the ‘Amesbury to Berwick Down’ project which includes proposals for a 1.8mile tunnel near Stonehenge. As anyone who’s travelled it will know, the existing link past the World Heritage Site is a single carriageway and regularly suffers from extensive delays as a result of the growing amount of traffic in the area. However, the proposals should help to alleviate this issue, whilst also creating thousands of roles for construction, engineering and tunnelling professionals.”