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The Top 50 Employers in Britain – As Rated by Employees


Rolls-Royce is the best company to work for in Britain, according to data released by the world’s biggest job site Indeed.

The global engine manufacturer came top of a ranking of the UK’s best employers that was compiled from millions of employee reviews. The top 50 companies include both high street and business-to-business brands, as well as British and foreign-based firms.

UK-based firms perform well – accounting for 13 out of the top 20 most popular companies – and the top spot is claimed by a brand whose name has long been a byword for quality.

The top 10 is dominated by companies famed for valuing and treating their employees well. The number three firm is John Lewis, Britain’s best-known partnership – which invites employees to become partners and shares profits with them. The number seven employer is the accountancy firm KPMG, which pays for recruits to take professional exams and offers cash prizes to those who achieve high marks.

Table: Best places to work in the private sector in the UK

Based on reviews submitted by visitors to Indeed


Ranking Company Sector Reviews Available jobs
1 Rolls Royce Engineering 301 75
2 Nike Fashion 2,630 23
3 John Lewis Retail 637 44
4 HMV Retail 490 89
5 Kumon Education 804 9
6 Marriott Vacations Travel and Leisure 4,667 12
7 KPMG Consulting and Business Services 1,810 424
8 Siemens AG Engineering and Electronics 4,135 311
9 GAME Retail 313 76
10 GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals 1,718 138
11 Waitrose Retail 763 107
12 American Express Financial Services 3,124 47
13 Unilever Consumer Goods 2,146 22
14 NatWest Financial Services 215 26
15 Barclays Financial Services 2,464 453
16 Clarks Fashion 458 11
17 Ricoh Electronics 1,791 42
18 Pret A Manger Retail 199 51
19 Pets at Home Retail 243 197
20 Thomas Cook Travel and Leisure 515 93
21 Mercedes-Benz Automotive 1,643 163
22 British Airways Travel and Leisure 398 19
23 Harrods Ltd. Retail 177 203
24 JP Morgan Chase Financial Services 10,873 443
25 Deloitte Consulting and Business Services 3,568 1,738


The full list can be found at: Indeed Best Places to Work 2016

Bill Richards, UK Managing Director at global job site, Indeed, comments: “While the need to earn a salary is the imperative that makes us go to work, it’s far from the only criteria we judge work on.

“Benefits and workplace flexibility play an important role in workplace happiness, but they’re not the key determinants of what makes an organisation great. For most employees, feeling valued, a positive company culture and quality management matter more.

“Having fun, feeling like you’re having an impact and seeing that impact extend beyond the company to the world—those are the things that make a workplace really special.”

Daniel Perkins, Global Employer Brand Manager at Rolls-Royce, added: “At Rolls-Royce we recognise that our people are our power. We are therefore extremely proud to be named by Indeed as the best place to work in the UK. We employ over 23,000 people in the UK across a huge variety of roles, functions and business areas. This includes over a thousand apprentices and graduates and we work to create an environment where every employee can reach their full potential, encouraging diversity, engagement and development.”