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TotalJobs Announces Partnership With Universum


Today, Universum and Totaljobs have announced an exciting new partnership which sees Totaljobs Group offer Universum’s employer branding services to British companies.

With record employment levels and a widely reported skills shortage, the role of employer branding has never been more important to the British workforce, or the companies that hire them. This new offering allows Totaljobs, Milkround and all other Totaljobs Group brands to offer the services of its sister company Universum to clients. Universum helps customers to quantitively measure, develop and communicate their employer brand. Their services include in-depth company research, analytics and consultancy, designed to help shape and showcase an employer brand which attracts the most skilled workers and finds the best cultural fit.

Totaljobs research has recently found that company culture and employer branding is vital to the attraction and retention of the right talent. With half of employers claiming they would not hire a perfectly qualified candidate that did not fit their company culture, the need to express an employer’s unique values and culture during the recruitment process is clear.

Totaljobs is part of Totaljobs Group Ltd, comprising eleven job boards. Totaljobs alone carries 270,000 jobs at any one time, generating up to five million job applications for British employers every month.

Patrick Wehrmann, CEO of Totaljobs commented:

“At Totaljobs, we are dedicated to helping employers of all sizes overcome the challenges they face in recruiting the best people for their company. In a candidate-led market, where the power of choice is with the candidate, employers have told us the growing need to stand out from the crowd.

“This latest partnership bolsters our commitment to constantly develop our proposition to match the needs of our clients. As we deepen our focus on being a strategic recruitment partner, we are leaning on years of industry expertise, both in Totaljobs and Universum, to go further than ever before.

“This exciting new offering allows us to not only help employers in the UK map and fulfil their talent acquisition strategy, but to shape their people strategy across the whole business – and with Universum, how it is showcased through their external employer brand.”

Claes Peyron, Universum MD for Nordics, UK and Ireland, commented:

“I am thrilled about our partnership with Totaljobs. By partnering with the UK’s leading player in online recruitment, Universum will offer its data-led and strategic approach to employer branding to the increasingly competitive British employment market. This will also allow us to increase our presence within the UK, where differentiation seems to be the key focus going forward. The fact of the matter is that British talent now consider working for 31 different employers before finally making their choice; this has increased from 22 in the past four years, which is a dramatic development.”

Peyron continued

“We have over 30 years of knowledge and expertise to share with the UK talent acquisition and employer branding community. I believe this partnership will allow us to strengthen the amazing research we already carry out on British graduate and professional talent on an annual basis. These findings will not only be valuable to local employers, but also for our existing global clients that have invested interests in the UK’s talent pool.”

Deep dive into Universum research

Every year, Universum reveals the findings from the largest study of students and professionals in the world. The UK’s Most Attractive Employers study tracks career aspirations and preferences of the future talent pool and recognises the most coveted employers in the market. The report pulls insight from one million global respondents and includes the opinions of thousands of students from the UK’s top universities, to understand their views on potential career paths and employers of choice. In turn, this report will be strengthened by the unique insight of Totaljobs’ sister job board Milkround, who are the market leaders in graduate recruitment.

The original piece of research allows long term tracking of employment trends, and how the perception of different industries, employers and career paths change from year to year. The comprehensive predictions this report forms on the future workforce allows employers to map a shift in candidate expectations as early as possible. To find out more about the career goals and preferences of British talent, please visit Universum’s website on July 10th to download the results of 2019’s Most Attractive Employers in the UK.


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